Soleil was born under the blood moon as the only daughter of Osiris Gaunt and a twin to Arkham. Growing up, Soleil was kept in the house, isolated other than for the rare occasion that Osiris had to run an errand. It was a tough childhood, being subjected to many forms of torture such as being tied down to a table and sliced open numerous times, receiving multiple burns on her body and being forced to bath in a bath of dittany and scrubbed down with steel wool.

As Soleil grew older, her life spiralled out of control, becoming even more grim than one could imagine. In her early teenage years Soleil fell victim to alcoholism, drinking herself to sleep on a nightly basis for a few years until she was eventually pulled out of her stupor by her twin brother Arkam. She later went on to have incestuous relations with her family, planning to run away together and start a new life.

Due to the trauma in her early years, Soleil has adopted a rather unstable personality. She can be as happy as a clam one second and in the next she could be threatening to tear out your jugular. She is a masochist, meaning she is gratified by pain and this is entirely due to the torture she was subjected to as a young girl. Because of this, curses like Crucio affect her slightly differently, and while she does indeed feel