A user role playing as they retrieve a book.

Roleplay in `H`ogwarts is when a user performs actions for their character or their environment.

This page is dedicated to housing the list of rules that this roleplay and its community follow in a sense of what to deem valid or not. The wiki page is kept updated with the official `H`ogwarts Rulebook, which goes periodically through changes that keep it up to date in its current version. With that said, the rulebook may not always be 100% accurate and in some cases it may be outdated with the constantly changing structure of the roleplay and its suggestions.

Role Play Meanings

  • or - Actions

Example: *I would take my wand from my pocket*

  • Thoughts
  • Thoughts

Example: ;; This is the worst class ever, the teacher can't even speak she's so spacey:;


Example: ;The password for the common room is golden snidget, don't tell any other house;;

Speech [], [] Speech, or [Speech]: Speaking out of character

Example: Ugh!!! My mom wan'ts me to go offline[]

[You have the wrong motto Jennaluv427]

`OOC: Out of character

`IC: In Character


You will often get good grades in a class, be more likely to become prefect or head boy or girl, become a professer, and be though of as a good character if you role play well. Here are a few examples of good and bad role playing.

Bad: *I get my wand*

Ok: *I would take my wand*

Good: *I would take my wand from my robes*

Brilliant: *I woul quickly take my wand from my robe pocket, faceing you with a hint of fear*

Behind the Scenes

- `H` is the most active role play in Habbo Hotel.

- Potions requires the the most roleplay although it does not use any spells, it must be very precise