Encera is the surname of a wizarding family, known to have both Muggle and magical heritage. The Enceras supported light movements during the First and Second Wizarding Wars and the war against Oliver Golgotha during Davos Frenlore's second term as Minister for Magic.


The Encera family is one based on tradition, loyalty, trust and vehement honour; to find a deceitful or malicious Encera would be a difficult task as their virtues act as the foundations of their upbringing. A small unit of Enceras typically exist at a time, making sure to keep the family roots in close proximity so that their close family oriented nature is able to thrive.

Though British, in essence, now, the Enceras were once a strong family on the island of Sicily, off of the South coast of Italy. The original roots of the Enceras are rumoured to have come from the famous astronomer and mathematician Archimedes, who was also a Sicilian native, working from his small estate in the seaport town of Syracuse.

Archimedes' estate and all of his wealth was passed down to his next of kin after his death during the Siege of Syracuse in 212 BC. Sicily amalgamated into the Roman empire and so the wizarding population on the island was forced to adapt to their new occupiers' culture. The Encera family, the frontrunners for the adaption, helped to lead the wizarding society of Sicily for nigh on two millennia.

During the nineteenth century a renowned Italian general, Giuseppe Garibaldi, invaded Sicily during the consolidation of Italy; otherwise known as the Risorgimento. Unbeknown to the muggle invaders, the wizarding community was shrouded under protective enchantments in the city of Syracuse, which bought the magical folk some time. Most of the wizarding families were able to flee whilst the few that resisted the invasion were slaughtered.

The Enceras once again took the lead of the native Sicilian witches and wizards and fled to Malta, where they settled a new wizarding civilization within the walls of the catacombs of Valletta. There, they were safe; the group of near to two hundred wizarding folk remained underground where they could freely practice magic without being seen or heard by the muggles above.

The Sicilian people settled for over forty years beneath Valletta, during this time, Europe's stresses seemed to be easing; at which point, families began to secede from the main congregation and moved to other countries. The Encera family was one of those -- they moved from Valletta to England where they found and bought themselves a townhouse in the center of London. Despite its location, the house stood strong and withstood two world wars.

The first Enceras to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were Manfredo, Marvin and Niccolo Encera.

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Encera is derived from the Spanish and Italian word encarar, meaning beeswax. One of the family's original trades had been in the beeswax business.